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We are an experienced and comprehensive online mental health clinic, providing individual therapy, child and family therapy, and psychological assessments.   We are based in Virginia, but offer services also in DC, Georgia, and some places around the globe.


New TCK Group

Join Our Exciting New Group for TCK Teens

Transitions can be hard for everyone, especially adolescents who are exploring their sense of self, navigating peer relationships and adapting to new roles at home and school.  If you have an adolescent who is struggling to connect due to a transition to a new place, past transitions or due to the pandemic consider enrolling your child in a 6 week group specifically designed for Third Culture Kids (TCK).  The goal of the group is to help validate emotions, learn about common feelings and experiences shared by TCKs, build connections and explore coping strategies.  This group will be facilitated by Tara Filmyer, MA, MS, LPC who is a part of the Therapy Solutions team. All of the sessions will be held via a secure video platform.  The group starts in November, and the cost is $55 per session. Please email info@therapysolns.com for more information or to register! 



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